My Year in Photos: The First Half

One of the best weblogs to emerge this year was kokogiak‘s The Big Picture. I was pleased to see it get the go ahead from legal because it was a risky venture for a major publication (if you don’t believe me, risk your sanity venturing into the comments of any post.) The large scale photos brought a new perspective to world events and brightly highlighted others that were not always reported. Alan Taylor’s curatorial duties have been excellent and as impartial as possible (though douchebags in the comments always disagree.)

The appropriately named The Big Picture proved that we don’t always need to consider users with: VGA displays, 640×480 resolutions, web safe colours, and modems. This isn’t the 1990s anymore. You can now provide photos larger than thumbnails that make the most of today’s display technology (millions of colours! *gasp*) Bigger is better. So with that in mind, here’s my own personal year in review.


I bought a new camera in April, a few months after giving my old one to my sister for Christmas. I bought it, in part, because by then I had decided what I was going to do with the rest of the year and wanted something good to document it.

Big pictures follow:

suburbsThough I lived in the city, I loved to venture out, in the warmth of a car, to the frontiers of suburbia.
cityhallI started the year in Toronto.
blossomsCherry Blossoms in High Park, in the springtime.
doorsopenDoors Open, Toronto
homeMy home for half of the year (most of the third floor.)

I was sad to give up the place, it was a great apartment in a conveniently central location, but it had to be done and for good reason:


The second half continues here.

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