Super Mario: Corruption

I love a good glitch. There’s something special in the aesthetics of a corrupted image, broken renderer, data to audio conversion, or messed up video codec. It’s only annoying when it occurs when you least want it. A video I made yesterday, uploaded to YouTube with odd results (what was converted into Flash is different from what I see when I play it locally,) is one such case. It was my first attempt at recording the weekly Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer sessions. It didn’t go so well.

That upload, and YouTube’s wonderful “related videos”, led me directly to LightningWolf3’s Super Mario Corrupted Zone which features a number of videos of Super Mario games corrupted through the use of Game Genies and ROM hacks. They feature an increasing level of insanity, culminating in:

As our little multiplayer GTA IV soirees have shown, a little bit of chaos in a game can be fun. A whole lot of it, however, is a beautiful thing.

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