My Trilogy Meter

Dan Meth posted his Trilogy Meter which, basically, rates the movies of various trilogies. His choice of movies tends to favour the more geek-flavoured trilogies, but when I think about it most well known trilogies are of that nature. That might say something about geeks. I don’t know.

I took issue with some of his purely subjective opinions, so I created a chart showing you my own purely subjective opinions. It’s probably a decent approximation of my tastes. Considering that I’ve rated most films lower than Dan Meth it probably says that my tastes generally don’t involve most of these movies. I’ve also added three “bonus” trilogies, two of which are personal favourites.

my-trilogy-meterMy opinions, let me show you them.
  • Grey boxes mean I haven’t seen it, usually because the preceding movies were lousy.
  • Don’t compare movie series to movie series: the graphs are more of a relative score onto themselves.
  • Yes, I realize that there are contentious issues, like rating Evil Dead 2 lower than the first. I consider it nothing but a remake of the first with a bigger budget so it loses some of the appeal because of it.
  • No, I do not like the Lord of the Rings movies.
  • Yes, I do like Die Hard 3, especially compared to the second film. It’s kinda goofy and Jeremy Irons is a better villain than whoever was in 2.
  • I don’t like many superhero movies, and especially dislike anything Superman related. He is boring.
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