Elsewhere and the Korg DS-10

Despite a desire to consolidate my web presence, I have gone off and spread myself even thinner by creating a new Tumblr at nerdmusic.tumblr.com. I had neglected to mention it here. There’s eight pages of it already, including some of these favourites: 16 Bit – Changing Minds; Dr. Mario: The Perfect Drugs; some brief reminiscing on the Gargoyles theme; and Nintendo DS concert, live performance (Electroplankton + KORG DS-10).

The last of those is the most notable as I’ve been fascinated by what people can get out of the Korg DS-10. Apparently, it’s quite a lot. For example, there’s this album (“Aliasing”) by Russian sound production firm The Sands and, from a ways back, two releases from Receptors. I received a nod for the latter on Offworld back in January and, through a confluence of events, including the above mentioned Tumblr, I am now an occassional contributor to Offworld.

Keeping with that theme, I posted two DS-10 YMO covers on Offworld. That seemed to mesh well with the kind of content they’re typically going for there. But when I came across another DS-10 related musical work on YouTube I didn’t know where to put it. It was not musical enough for the Tumblr and probably too ironic for Offworld. Then I remembered I have this thing, here, so I might as well use it more:

John Cage’s 4’33” performed on DS running Korg DS-10.

Bonus: a jam session involving the DS-10, some tiny piano, and a theremin made out of a Famicom: the FamiTheremin.

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