I randomly* came across the above video from OMY (quaint, out of date website), “Oriental Magnetic Yellow”, yesterday. The mid 90s homage-band, if there is such a term, to YMO, “Yellow Magic Orchestra”, is interesting because it consisted entirely of Japanese videogame music veterans, all of whom worked at Namco: Nobuyoshi Sano, Hiroto Sasaki, Takayuki Aihara, and Shinji Hosoe. Most of these guys contributed to the music of Tekken and Ridge Racer.

After discovering the existence of this markedly obscure band, I thought back to my YMO related post on Offworld. Specifically, my little context adding paragraph at the bottom with the lazy researched (I just Googled for the most obvious cited “influences”.)

Knowing of YMO’s mid-70s electronic and computer game influences and their subsequent influences on videogame music composers like Hitoshi Sakimoto, there’s something genuinely fitting about seeing their classic tunes played on a Nintendo DS.

Here we have a very direct manifestation of that influence and, more to the point, Nobuyoshi Sano would later form, with Michio Okamiya and Yasunori Mitsuda (the Crono Trigger guy), a project called “Trio DS-10.” Here’s an interview with them on GameSetWatch and a video of their Nintendo DS-only live show.

Fitting was right.

* I say “random” but there is a method to the madness. As an excuse to drop a massive link dump, and as a casual look into my surfing habits, I’ve traced my route to here as best as I could.

  1. I check out the Tumblr of someone that reblogged my Polygon Sun post and see this awesome retro 70s space disco French electro pop video from Space.
  2. Following related video links I end up on the profile of 45rpm80s and his post of 1982 video for Alex Atari’s “In The Mood” and a video for Telex (not to mention this super-awesome and super-cheesy 1992 techno video with appropriately 1992 techno CGI from DHS.)
  3. That brings me to Telex’s “Rock Around the Clock” cover from 1979.
  4. This transition is murky (must have closed my tabs and search results) but somehow I ended up on a “live” cover of Vangelis’ opening to Blade Runner performed on a DS-10.
  5. That directed me towards several other Korg DS-10 videos, including this random Zelda cover.
  6. For some reason that got me thinking Crono Trigger, partly because, once again, I had come across the Crono Trigger marriage proposal that morning via the unlikeliest of sources, so I searched for some Crono Trigger DS-10 covers.
  7. Which led me to this post with OMY’s song “Volley”, on account of the description citing Matsuda and Crono Trigger.
  8. That brought me to the Trio the DS-10 project.
  9. And Google revealed that GameSetWatch interview from last December that I must have seen, but must have forgotten too.
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