Here’s a B-Side I made to the previous Bleeping Beats mix that includes some new stuff, some stuff I couldn’t really fit in previously, a few goofy things, and some live performances that are a little raw and rough around the edges, all wrapped in a slight early-90s arcade vibe. (Though for all the fighting game references, I didn’t include anything off of Disrupt’s “Samurai Shodown”/”Last Blade” 7″, but it is freely downloadable at Jahtari).

I don’t have anything to say about this one except to note that this will be the last such mix for a long, long time. I’ve burned through my reserves and any further attempts would be repetitious. Besides, I’ve reached my limit for this wonkiness and I’m now purging my system with some ambient drones, and “hauntology”, and spacey synth lines. So good.

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