Fatty Bum Bum


Coming from Nick Stumpo, whose abnormal behavior child (abc) I fondly remember as one of the early paragons of the emerging flash/web/motion design scene back when Flash 5 was still fresh, is Fatty Bum Bum. An installation slash game Flash piece by Hanazuki for the Cinekid festival.

From a game design perspective, Fatty Bum Bum is rather poor. The controls are a little unresponsive, not mapping properly to your mouse position or click actions. It’s hard to read — it wasn’t until my second playthrough before I realized what the hell was going on — and it’s impossible to tell if you are being penalized or rewarded for your actions. And, of course, the random item popping up collect-a-thon mechanics are, well, boring.

But as a piece of interactive design and animation, it really is something else. There’s so much variety in the animations, and they’re all weird and goofy and entertaining, that you are compelled to play through it a couple of times. It might be mechanically poor, but the whimsy of the whole thing is enough to support it for, at least, two or three passes. For something designed to be an installation, where attention is fleeting, it is perfectly suited. Location is everything.

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