FIFA Earth

EA’s Fifa Earth is neat. A Flash based real-time visualizer of stats and trends from games played in Fifa 10. I’m down with stuff like this. It’s ambient information that fits somewhere between the stat heavy specifics of something like Halo 3 and, well, nothing. Indirect stats like this always give a little extra life to an interactive product, making it seem more vibrant and organic.

Fifa Earth tracks things like what countries do well, statistically, in online matches, what clubs are most frequently chosen, how many games have been played, and the latest buzz from Twitter. Oh god why? And it’s unfiltered. And there’s a search tool? So with some selective search queries I was getting a stream of somewhat negative Twitter posts, some of which were directly complaining about EA, right on EA’s site. Nice.


It’s jarring. In this midst of this broad, unspecific ambient information is an overly direct tweet from what’s-his-bucket complaining about all the assholes that play FIFA 10 online. The whole thing then loses its charm. You realize that for all the hundreds of thousands of numbers and data points being shown, many of them are dicks.

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