Nuit Blanche Chiptune Performance

The all-night art fest Nuit Blanche hit Paris last weekend. During my wanderings I came across some projected videos, a couple installations, and a giant disco ball. It wasn’t all that inspiring. To make matters worse, I made the classic Nuit Blanche mistake of heading out too early (basically, anytime before 2am) so anything of any possible interest was flooded with people. After a couple hours of this, I grabbed a crepe near Les Halles, got on the Metro, and called it a night. I didn’t even make it to midnight (by comparison, last year I was out to almost 6am.)

In a prime example of “grass is always” greener mentality, the Toronto event this year seemed more interesting. More large scale work, more Big Names™ if you’re into the Big Name™ artists, and, apparently, an impromptu guerilla chiptune performance near city hall by jefftheworld, amongst others. A lot of it is captured in jefftheworld’s YouTube channel. “So Empty, Space” is embeded below.

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