Puscifer, The Mission

Maynard James Keenan is a self-professed nerd, despite the stylings of his Tool and A Perfect Circle projects. So when he’s free to let loose on a solo project without the expectations that those two bands come with, he really lets loose. The first sign of this is the fact that “Puscifer“, as a “band”, came into existence via a Mr. Show skit. The second sign? Their first commercial song was Cuntry Boner.

Then there are the juvenile album covers and titles. The latest EP is called ‘”C” Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here)’. Yes. If you’d see that in a store you’d dismiss it instantly. But behind the high school hurr hurr titles and art is some really great music and surprising collaborations. See, for example, the above video, which is itself bizarre and amazing and looks like the best ever application of Poser: it has Milla Jovovich singing. Then there’s the song “Potions (Deliverance Mix)” and its writing credit of one “Trent Reznor;” and “The Humbling River”, the most serious and APC-like sounding track on the album, with its hypnotizing aura. For a six track (two live songs) EP, it is really, really solid.

It’s just a shame about the name.

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