“Fauxvist” Arcadia

You might remember James Barnett‘s “fauxvist” series of videogame landscapes, which I posted on Offworld last summer. He was also one of the very first Kickstarter projects and, because of certain internet community affiliations, I was an early supporter. Thanks in part to all of these things I had the option to have a specially commissioned painting from James. As I very much enjoyed the fauxvist landscapes, I went for more of that.

I thought about what videogame vistas I liked and wanted to see recreated in this fashion (leaned towards Metroid Prime, to be honest) but it soon became apparent that I was going abroad and a painting wasn’t the most practical thing to bring with me, so it morphed into a thank you gift to my friend JP. The setting became obvious: Bioshock‘s Arcadia. I must have a thing for big, artificial environments being consumed by nature (see Metroid Prime) because that was my unbiased favourite area in Bioshock. I figured he’d appreciate it more anyway on account of, you know, his design work on that specific map. The painting arrived yesterday so I can finally post it:

Modal image