Flight Game

We boarded the plane at high noon. By three in the afternoon I was on the ground again, nearly ten hours passed. A direct flight from Paris to Toronto is eight hours long, but this one had a stop-over in Quebec to let off all the Quebecois. The final one hour stretch from Quebec City to Toronto Pearson airport was wonderful; the majority of passengers had disembarked, leaving a mostly empty and spacious plane for the more English speaking passengers. I kept trying my French with the stewardess, partly out of habit and partly because this might be my last time I can do so for a while. I am now in anglophone land.

The in-flight entertainment was a Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker movie followed by a Twilight movie. Once this was announced and we hit cruising speed I quickly got up and pulled out my little netbook and the thumb drive which I had preloaded with music and some better entertainment. Minutes after booting, I switched off VLC, stopped my movie, and did something rash: I opened Flash CS3.

With my legs stretched out and crossed–oh how wonderful it was to have seat 1A–and the EEEPC balanced on my knees, I started making things to kill the time. I set up basic DisplayObject structure, created an mp3 loader and player, played around with audio visualization, created some blurring effects and filters, used the visualization data to generate “enemies”, brought in user input and player bullets, and, as a whole, got into a serious groove. In less time than it took to show to horrible movies I had the basis for a playable music game.

Flight Game

It probably won’t amount to much in the end but it stands as a testament to the creative possibilities that arise when you are trapped in an uncomfortable place with nothing to do and no means of escape. If this is true, then my being in Mississauga should herald a new creative era.

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