Wordseye TV Show Title Cards

Wordseye is one of those services that has some practical applications but only seems to get used for comedic result. It’s a service in which you can input real language descriptions of a scene and have it rendered out for you. It’s immediate use is for really weird looking scenes that are basically jokes but then you use it and think that the underlining tech can be really useful for quick 3D prototyping for all sorts of things. In other words, actually useful.

Of course, that’s not what I used it for. I went in to the beta with a silly idea of having it generate title cards for various TV shows. Show names tend to be abstractions on a theme and thus are not the most descriptive phrases for the Wordseye renderer, but that’s the challenge for any real language interpreters. Here’s a few of my favourites:

Black MirrorBlack Mirror
Man in the High CastleMan in the High Castle
Orange is the new BlackOrange is the New Black
The Last Man on EarthThe Last Man on Earth
Homicide : Life on the StreetsHomicide : Life on the Streets. Literally, “Life” on “Streets”
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