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The Shadowrun Cycle

Shadowrun on the SNES was one of my favourite RPGs of the time, precisely because it was just so different from its contemporary Final Phantasy Mana Triggers. While I never did play the non-videogame RPG, I was certainly aware of its universe and I liked it. A mix of dark future cyberpunk with orcs and goblins and magic and high fantasy? Sweet.

With each generation of consoles, I was disappointed that no one would take on the Shadowrun name. It's unfortunate since the emergence of the internet made some of the game's network elements (hacking systems, etc) feel more relevant, amongst other things.

During the Microsoft press conference, which wasn't streamed live, Shadowrun was announced for XBox 360 and PC. I read about it from someone's text update somewhere. I was excited.

Later, when the video of that press conference became available, I saw the trailer. I was cautious. There was no gameplay footage and the animation and look and feel of the trailer was a little... weak.

Later in the press conference, during a demonstration of XBox to Vista Live connectability, I saw a very, very brief clip. I was annoyed. What they showed was nothing more than a generic-looking FPS deathmatch. Maybe there's a chance it'll turn out good; that it'll have a great single player campaign with strong RPG elements and all that good stuff. A small chance. Maybe. Maybe not.

Now I'm disappointed that someone finally did revive the Shadowrun name and I wish they just left it alone.

May 10, 2006. Gaming.

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I'm a long time fan of Shadowrun (SNES game and RPG) and what Microsoft is releasing looks pretty bad. If you read the dev diaries on, it becomes obvious that MS is more interested in creating a "Counter-Strike killer" than an actual Shadowrun game. And it looks like it won't even have single-player! Bah. I've pretty much written off this Shadowrun game.

May 11, 2006 11:44 AM. Posted by: Finster.

Having played it and gotten the developer walkthrough I can say that I am looking forward to it now whereas I was dreading it early. However, I want a new CS with magic. I want well played teams to matter. I want to pwn the 360 kiddies with my mouse and keyboard even though I will have to get Vista to do it ;)

May 12, 2006 02:55 AM. Posted by: Jenn.

Just like everyone else: joy at the the thought of a modern Shadowrun game, disappointment at its deathmatching Quakeyness. However, the E3 demo IS fun. And though the producer (who earnestly loves Shadowrun) didn't say it explicitly, it was obvious that the original plan was indeed a huge epic FPS. But the project splintered and the deathmath one happens to be shipping first. Assuming it doesn't get cancelled, the Shadowrun of our dreams is coming at some point, but we just have to buy this one first.

P.S. Genesis Shadowrun forever!

May 18, 2006 11:03 PM. Posted by: Edam.

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